Re:MKE (2013)

Julia Sackett, Album (background);
Nicholas Price, Untitled (foreground)
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Re:MKE examines the remake, in which a creator refigures familiar symbols to explore established narratives. The participating artists investigate the essential components of narratives, alter and manipulate details, and through reinterpretation, insert their own hand into the stories of others. For this exchange portfolio, each artist produced two prints: the first, in line with his/her body of work; the second, a remake of another participant's print.

Re:MKE was executed in conjunction with the 2013 Southern Graphics Council International (SGCI) conference, held in Milwaukee, WI. It featured the work of Seul Hwa Eum, Jon Gourley, Dara Lorenzo, Zoe Phillips, Nicholas Price, Julia Sackett, Savanna Snow, and Jos Truitt. The portfolio is an edition of 11, with one copy in the collection of the SGCI archives, and another in the collection of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. It has been exhibited at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and SOMArts, San Francisco, CA.

Pictured: Julia Sackett's Album (back), and the remake, Untitled, by Nicholas Price.

Additional images available on request.